Maria Lauren

The Rat Pack has inspired movies, television shows, songs…you name it. How many of us have thought about that group and wondered what were they REALLY like behind the curtains. We hear LOTS of rumors about these fun-loving party carousing drinkers but how much of that is true. Now, we could sit and debate for hours but there’s one thing you cant deny, their comradely was contagious! If you go back and listen to the banter between this group of wise-cracking buddies you feel like you are at a party with them instead of listening to a concert. And I guess that was actually true. Their concerts were just big parties with a guest list of total strangers!! If you’re a big Rat Pack fan or just a fan of Dino then we have a great show that YOU need to hear. We interviewed Maria Lauren and her sister Linda Eichberg who were on Dean Martin’s show in the late 60’s. They were members of the beautiful Golddiggers. The stories these gals can tell of Dean and the backstage antics are true CLASSICS!!