It was touted as NBC’s answer to Archie Bunker. Sanford And Son hit the airwaves on January 14, 1972 and a classic was born. It was the story of an antiques and junk dealer named Fred Snaford (Redd Foxx) who moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles. He and his son Lamont had an aggravating relationship with Fred calling Lamont a “big dummy” and Lamont returning the favor with an “old fool” every now and again. But the best rivalry relationship on the show was between Fred and his deceased wife Elizabeth’s sister Esther (LaWanda Page). Aunt Esther would walk in the room and Fred would grimace as if he had just tasted a fruitcake or something. Esther would fire at Fred occasionally by calling him a “fish eyed fool!”.
Sanford And Son was very popular during its run. For three of its 6 seasons it finished second to only All In The Family. The show was also credited for driving The Brady Bunch off ABC’s airwaves in 1974. Sanford and Son went off the air in 1977 but has ALWAYS been in syndication since. I guess it finally WAS “the big one” for Fred.

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