September 11, 1974 would be the day that introduced The Ingles family to America. Based on the “Little House” children’s books of Laura Ingles Wilder the show, “Little House On The Priarie” would last 9 years. It is still considered one of the best family series in television history. With a cast like Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Melissa Sue Anderson and Melissa Gilbert it was destined to be a hit. And you can’t have a good series without a good antagonist and Alison Arngrim’s portrayal of Nellie Olsen was one oif the best. The kid we loved to hate. (It’s the reason I chose the clip above!)
The Ingles were a God-fearing, hard-working and honest family in the late 1800’s. In spite of not having a great deal of money they even adopted a few more kids later in the series. NBC hit the jackpot with this one. (I even remember having to read the books as part of our studies in 3rd grade…oops, gave away my age. LOL)
The show began a downward turn after Michael Landon decided to leave in the early 80’s and was eventually cancelled in 1983 with all the Ingles girls grown and having kids of their own. But the show would leave a lasting impression on all of us who grew up watching it and is still running in syndication today.

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