She’s back and she’s got some “splaining” to do! This time the queen of television hits the little screen as the hilariously goofy Lucy Charmichael who is widowed and has to live with her kids. Don’t forget Vivian her best friend who does the same thing. The two are once again together just like the Lucy and Ethel days and with just as much humor. The show debuted in 1962 and ran for 6 seasons through 1968.

COOL TRIVIA ALERT: Garry Marshall was a writer for this show.

Lucie Arnez and Desi Jr also starred in the show and don’t forget Gale Gordon, the grumpy boss of Lucy’s Mr. Mooney. Lucy’s slpstick humor and familiar crying were a hit again with the U.S. The only thing that changed from this show and the I Love Lucy days was that this time she cried “Mr. Mooney!!!” instead of “Riiiiickyyyyy”
It was a staple among the 1960’s television audience and further showed the Hollywood staying power of the red-headed powerhouse known as Lucille Ball.

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