Gomer Pyle was a spin-off of The Andy Griffith Show and debuted in 1964. It would run for 5 seasons launching Jim Nabors into super-stardom. Andy found Jim playing in a Santa Monica nightclub called the Horn and got him to play the dim-witted Gomer on his show. The character was so popular that he got his own show after only being on The Andy Griffith Show for 2 seasons.
Nabors was spectacular at playing the Marine Corps private who was the constant thorn in the side of Sgt. Vince Carter played by the late Frank Sutton.
The on camera presense of the two as a comedy team proved to be the reason that audiences tuned in every week.
Gomer Pyle still runs in syndication and is still one of Americas most beloved characters. In fact in 2001, the Marine Corps made Nabors an honorary Marine and promoted him to honorary Lance Corporal. Check out Jim’s official website HERE.

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