Dr. Richard Hornberger wrote a book in the 60’s that was a fictional account of his time at the 8055 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Korea during the Korean War.
Of course the book, called MASH, would hold a life of its own in film and television history. Dr. Hornberger had n o idea at the time the effect his literary work would have.
The movie rights for the story would be purchased for 100-thousand dollars. Robert Altman directed the film which starred Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould. The movie came on the heels of america’s disdain for the Vietnam war and was a huge success.
The president on Twentieth Century Fox decided to make the movie a television series…and what a decision it was.
Gary Burghoff was the ONLY actor from the movie asked to be in the TV show.

The show lasted 11 years with 251 episodes and the last episodes is still one of the most watched episodes in television history. It grabbed 14 emmys over the time it was on the air.
We will always love Hawkeye and BJ.

Here’s an excellent website dedicated to the show.

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