Eric Chilton is a 32 year veteran of television. He has worked all over the southeast hosting a variety of morning shows, lifestyle shows and feature reports. His love for classic tv was born as a very young guy. At the age of 3 or four he was watching Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show! Since he was the youngest of 5 kids and substantially younger than the next oldest his parents were tired of telling kids what to do so they allowed him to stay up late. LOL.

As a native of Mount Airy, NC (Andy Griffith’s hometown which the show was loosely based on) he has always loved television. Not a surprise that broadcasting became his major at UNC Chapel Hill. He has always had a bold personality which serves him well in the industry.  He has hosted movies on The Disney Channel and even hosted a live game show for DIsney at a cable convention.

He still collects all things Carson, by the way. Nowadays he uses his love of classic TV and movies and created Wait, I Know This. This allowed him to live out his dream interviewing celebrities about their lives and careers. Eric currently hosts an interactive loose newscast/show every weekday at 4pm for the CBS affiliate in central North Carolina.

TRIVIA: He was the first mascot for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Ramses), he is the lead singer in a Carolina Beach Music band Eric and The Chill Tones, has 4 kids and a video production company called Broadcast 2 Go. For God’s sake support this man…he is too busy!!! LOL




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