Take one widowed former baseball player with a teenage daughter playing housekeeper to a divorced ad-exec mom and her man-hungry mother and sit back and let the comedy gold piling up. Tony, Angela, Sam, Jonathan and Mona all took turns wondering Who’s The Boss, but always with a dose of humor and the occasional Very Special Moment.

The show was solid for most of its eight seasons, though it did fall prey to the so-called “cute kid” syndrome in later years. As Alyssa Milano and Danny Pintauro got older, 5-year-old “Billy” from “the old neighborhood” appeared for a season. Some though he’d moved in, but really he was just visiting. A lot.

Of course the romance which had been hinted at since day 1 (and survived numerous relationships with other people) eventually blossomed and Tony and Angela would eventually end up together. However the show didn’t end with a wedding, but rather on more of an ambiguous note. The networks wanted to make sure any sort of definitive change to show continuity wouldn’t get in the way of sweet, sweet syndication.

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