Miami is nice, so I’ll say it twice. And the land of sunshine and oranges was nice to four roommates, far more unconventional than Jack Tripper and the gang. The chemistry of Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sohpia proved perfect, so much so that a housekeeper character was dropped after the pilot and Sohpia (who was just supposed to be a recurring character) was made a permanent member of the cast. Their chemistry also proved a winning mix come awards season, The Golden Girls is one of the few shows where all the principle actors won Emmy Awards.

The no-nonsense Dorothy, her charmingly straightforward mother, southern belle Blanche and the delightfully addled Rose (and her charming stories of St. Olaf, Minnesota), each provided unique comedy and insight into the world of women entering their golden years. Occasionally controversial, the show was lauded for portraying older women as still living it up. The show didn’t shy away from the characters’ love lives either. All the women were involved in romantic relationships. In some cases (cough… Blanche, we’re looking in your direction) many, MANY romantic relationships

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