Bewitched is one of those shows that will vex audiences through history. Elizabeth Montgomery plays Samantha Stevens, a witch that has chosen to marry a mortal named Darrin. Sam’s mother Endora doesn’t like mortals at all and doesn’t approve of the “mixed marriage”, but neither did most of her family. In fact, those of you who remember the show probably recall Endora always calling Darrin by anything but Darrin. It was usually Dar-wood or Dum Dum. In fact…wait for it…

COOL TRIVIA ALERT: Endora only called Darrin by his real name eight times in the shows entire run. That would be 8 years! (1964-1972)

Montgomery also played Serena, Samantha’s groovy cousin…by the way, that character was listed in the credits as Pandora Spocks for some reason. I’d love to hear the scoop on that.
An incredible supporting cast made this show incredible. Aunt Clara was a bumbleing but loveable witch, Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde) was hilarious and of course Alice Ghostly as Esmerelda.
It was a combination for sucess and still is around today. In fact, click here for an awesome fan page.

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