Can you imagine any other actor in the role of the Thomas Magnum? Why, Magnum P.I. would be like Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford! In fact, so committed was Tom Selleck to the mustachioed macho hero, that Selleck passed on the chance to play the adventurous Dr. Jones. Yup, Selleck was actually the first pick to play Indy, but commitments to this series kept him away from the bullwhip. Mores the better for fans who loved the adventures of the private detective living in Hawaii, on the dime of a rich and mysterious recluse.

What a life Magnum had! From fast cars, to fast women to fun times at the King Kamehameha club, the private investigator with military training courted danger. Eventually danger caught up with him – Magnum was killed off at the end of season 7. That was supposed to be it, but there was such an outcry from fans, Magnum was brought back for one final season to round the series off.

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