Family Affair hit the airwaves on September 12, 1966 and told the story of Bill Davis, a well-to-do civil engineer and bachelor who was given the task of raising his deceased brother’s kids. “Uncle Bill” struggles with the everyday situations that parents are all faced with. Thank goodness for the “english gentleman” Mr. French who is there to provide some back up for the ill equipped Uncle Bill.
One of the sidelines to this show was the popularity of the Mrs. Beasley doll that Buffy carried everywhere she went. The doll took on a life of its own. In 1967 Mattel produced a 21″ high talking Mrs. Beasley doll that sold thousands in the US. Anissa Jones, who played Buffy gave her voice to a Buffy doll for Mattel as well. There was also a 10″ version that Maureen McCormick of “BRADY BUNCH” fame voiced.

COOL TRIVIA ALERT: Brian Keith tok a page from Fred MacMurray’s book in the way the series was shot. He shot the entire season of his scenes FIRST…and then left to film any motion pictures he had on the table. The rest of the cast would then relax and finish their respective scenes at a more lesiurely pace. (See My Three Sons page for more on the MacMurray Method)

Brian Keith would get three Emmy nominations for his role as “Uncle Bill”. But finally on September 9, 1971 Family Affair would be cancelled but not before leavingits mark on television history.

(By the way, see the KATHY GARVER, Cissy, interview in our past episodes. She was awesome!)

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