In September of 1968 CBS would give us the best crime drama with the most beautiful backdrop. Hawaii Five-O was the story of a fictional state police force headed up by the ever-cool Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord). By the way, the ficticious police force was called Five-O because Hawaii was the 50th state. There’s your lame trivia that you could’ve probably figured out on your own.
For 12 seasons McGarrett and his officers dug up and spat out criminals, drug runners, secret agents and mafia syndicates usually ending with McGarrett’s catch phrase, “Book em, Danno!”

Wikipedia has some intense trivia that I had never heard before.

“The second season episode “Bored She Hung Herself” has not been broadcast since its original airing in 1970 and is not included in the second season DVD box set, released on July 31, 2007. According to Mrs. Leonard Freeman (wife of the late creator of the show), speaking to some fans at the 1996 Five-O convention, someone tried the hanging technique depicted in the show (supposedly yoga-related, but more like autoerotic asphyxiation and killed themselves. As a result, the show was not rebroadcast and never included in any syndication packages.”
Interesting. Anyway, the show was the longest running police drama until Law and Order passed it in 2003 and as far as I’m concerned still one of the best. And I think Jack Lord’s hair should get an Emmy. 🙂

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