"Confessions of A Prairie Bitch" Get ready for Nellie Oleson!!



Her name is Alison Arngrim, in case you didn’t know, and oh how we loved to hate her as the golden locked evil Nellie on Little House On The Prairie. Well, if you have never heard an interview with her since her 70’s heyday then you are in for a treat. She was truly one of our most honest interviewees EVER! Her edgy sense of humor is so fun especially when you remember the “innocence” of the show that made her famous. There’s one story that I absolutely love which involves the Different Strokes kids…that’s all I’ll say…you have to listen.
She has a one woman stand-up show called “Confessions Of A Prairie Bitch” which is hilarious. (Go to Youtube and check it out…too many to post here)
So get your bonnets and lunch pails and lets head back in time to the days of Ma, Pa, Half-Pint and the “Prairie Bitch”. See ya there.

Oh, and if you didnt hate Nellie before…get your tissues and watch this clip. 🙂