GERI JEWELL: From "Facts" to Frontier life…she’s a class act.



If you were a “Facts Of Life” fan…and really, who wasn’t…. then you will LOVE our next guest. Geri Jewell was the beloved “Cousin Geri” on the famous sitcom. The cousin of the beautiful Blair who made frequent appearances on the show. Her groundbreaking role made her the FIRST person with a disablilty (cerebral palsy) to have a major role on a primetime series. Her work would open doors for the likes of Chris Burke “Corky” on Life Goes On.



Geri’s loveable personality and confidence has made her a favorite through the years. In the late seventies Geri could be found doing stand up at the Comedy Store in LA. It wasn’t long after that when she got her big break. Performing in 1980 at the 2nd Annual Media Access Awards she was introduced to producer Norman Lear. He loved her and before long the world met Geri on Facts of Life.

In later years Geri went on to star in shows like “The Great Space Coaster”, “Sesame Street”, “21 Jump Street” and “The Young And The Restless”. She is a highly sought after motivational speaker as well. Any HBO fans out there? Ahhhh there you are…if you love “Deadwood” then you may remember her as Jewell in that show. By the way, if you haven’t seen this….she is absolutely phenomenal!!! Check it out. It is a must see. Here’s a clip.

To interview Geri is more than just a chat with another celebrity….it’s a life lesson.