Billy Ingram: TV GURU



If you think you know something about classic TV then you need to meet Billy Ingram. I, myself, consider myself a classic TV buff but I quickly found out that I am a child in his world! Billy created a website called that I used to check out in the late 90’s. This website began in 1994 when the internet was in its infancy. Billy says, “The TV is the one constant that brings us all together especially when there was only 3 netowrks to watch”.
Billy was our guest this Sunday as we explored all the crazy details of Hollywood deaths that most of us never knew. Make sure you listen to this episode!  Billy tells us the strange facts surrounding the deaths of stars like Bob Crane, Carol Wayne and Paul Lynde to name a few. It is facinating to hear about the last few years of Paul Lynde’s life and how he was on a downward spiral with his drinking. It is truly a behind-the-scenes look at these stars and how their lives were cut short.
Also, Billy says he may give us a few DVD sets to give away on our next Sunday show which will feature one of our famous TRIVIA GAME SHOW episodes. If you tune in LIVE during the taping you can participate and win prizes!!!
And this Wednesday the 18th we will be LIVE at The Carolina Theatre for a classic film festival. The movie is West Side Story and we will be interviewing Natalie Wood’s sister Lana Wood about her movie role that launched her into stardom.

Until then…head off to TV Party and check out Billy’s world and listen to his interview here.