Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou/The Andy Griffith Show)



We’ve got Thelma Lou!!! I screamed this the other day when we booked the beautiful and talented Betty Lynn of Andy Griffith fame for our TV trivia show “Wait, I Know This!” ( Betty is best remembered for her role as the sweet, small town beauty who had the patience of a saint to love the bumbling Barney Fife. Thelma Lou was breaking hearts of guys all over the country and who could blame them, what a cutie! I have to admit… your wanna be host here had a major crush of Thelma Lou. 🙂
The Andy Griffith Show debuted in October of 1960 and suddenly the town of Mayberry became a household word. Now, get ready for this next tidbit of info…sit down. Thanks. I am from Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, NC. Many of the characters and places are REAL….actually from Andy’s past. For example, Mount Pilot the small area near Mayberry on the show is actually Pilot Mountain…a REAL town about 15 minutes from Mount Airy. Also, Emmett’s Fix It Shop is named after my good friend and Andy’s childhood best friend Emmett Forrest. I am proud to say that Andy is from the Mount Airy High School class of 1944 and I am from the class of 84! OOPS…sorry I got carried away. Back to Betty Lynn. When we interview her this weekend I will be in heaven. If you grow up in Mount Airy it’s almost unwritten law that you know every episode of the show…in fact, in our area of North Carolina the CBS affiliate (WFMY) where my REAL job is, has aired the show continuously SINCE it was on in the 60’s.
Betty Lynn loved the town so much that a few years ago she actually MOVED to Mayberry. Her career has spanned decades and every project reflects her professionalism. I think you’ll be surprised at some of the backstage stories we get from Betty. Be sure to join us and see why the “beauty behind the Barney” has wow-ed folks from stage to the small screen.