Am I the only one who loved this show?

This wonderful 80’s lost treasure only aired from March 18, 1981 to February 3, 1983 and with only 45 episodes it didn’t make a huge dent in tv history but for this guy it was forever a classic. What a cast by the way. Robert Culp was a star but William Katt was fairly new to the star thing. It was the first time I remember seeing Connie Selleca and Michael Pare’.
Here is a great YouTube channel I found with FULL EPISODES of The Greatest American Hero.
Enjoy friends!

By the way. The symbol on his uniform came from a pair of scissors. Here is what Wikipedia says about that.

“On the Season 1 DVD, Stephen J. Cannell notes that the symbol design on the front of the suit is actually based on a pair of scissors that he had on his desk during the design of the uniform. He said that the costume designer asked him what he wanted the suit’s chest emblem to look like. He said he had not really thought about it. The designer then picked the scissors up off the desk, held them upside down, and said “That’s your emblem.” Cannell was fine with that decision.

The symbol on Ralph’s uniform resembles the Chinese character for “center” ㊥. As the symbol is red in color with white background, Hong Kong television station TVB termed the Cantonese-dubbed version of the show (飛天紅中俠), translated to mean “Flying Red Center Hero”, in reference to the red Center tile in mahjong tiles.”