Yvonne Craig

When we last left our superheroes they were chatting with the infamous Golddiggers. After leaving the show with a truckload of trivia about the bevy of beauties they were in search of something new….something wildly popular and interesting for next weeks caper. Will they find that guest? Will the guest find them? Will we ever stop talking like William Dozier? If you know who William Dozier was then you are a true BATMAN fan!!!! (He was the famous narrorator who would say …same bat-time, same bat-channel”) That’s right we are talking BATMAN this week but not just the boy bat himself. Oh No!! We are visiting with Comissioner Gordon’s daughter and secret crimefighter Batgirl. Yvonne Craig was the subject of many a young man’s fantasies back in the day. (I was one of them!)
Who can forget Yvonne in that tight purple suit. She was wildly popular on the show. So much so that there was even an attempt at producing a spin-off of a “Batgirl” show just for her! Check out this clip!!! Love the Bat Cycle!!