Willie Aames: What a story!

Remember little Tommy Bradford on Eight Is Enough? Of course you do. I’ll bet Willie Aames was on Tiger Beat Magazine as much as
anybody back in the day. The hearthrob Bradford was to teens what his TV older sibling Grant Goodeve was to the 20-somethings of the late 70’s.
Willie’s story is amazing. AND LET ME SAY THIS… He was THE MOST HONEST INTERVIEW I have ever had. He shared personal moments of his life that can help any of us that have gone through or are going through rough times. His interview actually had an effect on me. He is a class act and this one is an interview for everyone. His story needs to be told. He is a guy who has the ability to change lives through his tales and inspire all the while.
He has battled and beaten drug addiction, divorce and bankruptcy but he is stepping into the limelight once again…but BOXING? Are you serious? Yes we are. Willie is appearing in a celebrity boxing match on May 16th in Philly. Hard to believe but this battle warn veteran is actually boxing to raise money for charity. A portion of the proceeds for the bout will go to an organization to battle financial illeteracy. You see, Willie just recently declared bankruptcy and had to sell his belongings to pay off more than 300-thousand dollars in debts. Now he’s trying to help others from reaching the same place in life he did. As he puts it…”I’m fighting my way through school.” The money he gets from the fight will go to pay for his school where he will study finance so as to help celebrities and pro sports players on managing their money.
It is a pay per view bout and you can get more info by going to www.iclips.net. But if you want to remember him the way WE like to then check out this clip…it will jog the ol memory bank for sure. ALSO, here’s a little trivia teaser of what you’ll get in our interview with Willie. DID YOU KNOW… Willie played the son of Felix Unger (Tony Randall) in television’s The Odd Couple in the early 70’s. Like that did ya? More in the interview…check it out.