Rip Taylor

If you remember “The $1.98 Beauty Show” then you remember the crazy RIP TAYLOR. Well, we are completely pumped to have him as our guest on “Wait, I KNow This!” this Sunday at 7pm and YOU can log in to the live taping and ask any questions of your own. Rip is always an adventure to say the least. Rip began as a comedian…a rather straight laced comedian believe it or not. He soon realized that the crazier he was the more response he got from audiences. His act became more and more “in your face” with zaniness!!! His antics incuded “calling the audience out” if they didn’t laugh at his jokes. He would say things like “Heloooooo, are you listening!!” We love Rip and if by chance you aren’t that familiar with his “method” then watch this clip from our dear friend the YOU of TUBE. Great stuff!! Enjoy!.