Celebrities Real Names

Courtesy: Popsugar.com

If I asked you who Caryn Elaine Johnson was would you know? Well, the next time you see Whoopi Goldberg at the grocery store yell Caryn and she will turn around.  I’ve always found it interesting why some celebrities go by different names.  Sometimes their original name is too awkward or “unattractive” by someone’s opinion and usually I would imagine that managers and advisers have urged the stars to come up with other names.

Either way…..the real names have made their way into the public view and here are a few of them according to our friends at POPSUGAR.COM

Whoopi Goldberg = Caryn Elaine Johnson

Tom Cruise = Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Reese Witherspoon = Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon

Jonah Hill = Jonah Hill Feldstein

Faith Hill = Audrey Faith Perry

Julianne Moore = Julie Anne Smith

Prince = Prince Rogers Nelson

Emma Stone = Emily Jean Stone

Téa Leoni = Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni

Vin Diesel = Mark Sinclair Vincent

Kevin Spacey = Kevin Spacey Fowler