Come and knock on our door…..

It was one of my absolute favorite shows of the 70’s and I have found a treasure of the web dedicated to Jack, Chrissy and Janet.  It offers a chance to buy DVD sets, see episode summaries from EVERY episode, and even play a trivia game.  I took the challenge and by the way I pride myself on TV trivia.  It wasn’t easy.  Some you could answer by elimination but since I couldn’t poll the audience or phone a friend I scored a 9.  Try it out and you’ll see.  Until then try this one out….did you know… Three’s Company premiered in a 9:30 p.m. ET time slot following the one-hour family-oriented series, Eight Is Enough?  Yeah, I forgot the time slot as well.  But here’s the site.  You need to peruse this one!  But if you really want some behind the scenes scoop check out the history of the cast quibbles and arguments.’s_Company and scroll down to “CAST CHANGES” and see the turmoil behind the scenes. Interesting. Later.


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