If the title doesn’t ring a bell then you are missing out on one of television sitcoms greatest episodes in history.  In fact, TV Guide at one time ranked this episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show as THE BEST episode in television history.  It centers around the tv station’s kids show host Chuckles the Clown and his death.  From the moment that news director Lou Grant rushes in and tells everyone that Chuckles was in a parade dressed as “Peter Peanut” and a “rogue elephant tried to shell him” you knew that this was no ordinary episode.  From there the jokes keep building as everyone in the typical cynic-filled newsroom howl at the silly scenario….everyone except producer Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore).  She continues to get angry at the humor surrounding a co-worker’s death….that is, until the actual funeral when it finally catches up  to her in what became one of the greatest scenes in TV history.  We now go back to October 25th 1975 and this……

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