Classic TV Christmas Specials

I remember it like it was yesterday. Hearing the CBS intro music for their holiday specials like Frosty, The Grinch, Rudolph and more. I used to wait all year to watch those specials around Christmas. As if they were actually going to change plots or something I was GLUED to every frame of animation. I wonder if kids feel the same way today. With all the “On Demand” channels they really don’t have to wait if they don’t want to. I guess its just another of those outdated traditions that we have to hold close to our heart while the next generation develops their own. I can hear them now…..I used to keep Rudolph on my DVR all year and put a security code on it so no one could open it and watch it until December 24th! LOLOLOL.
As I sit here in my living room looking out at the 6″ of snow we got on Christmas Day (A record Christmas Day snowfall for central NC by the way) I am reminded of how special this time of the year is for kids… the memories are still with me today. So in case you need a little “memory jogging”…here ya go.

Oh and make sure to listen to our upcoming shows. hoping for Stefanie Powers and maybe Peter Marshall.

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