If you could finish that phrase by saying “…and keep reaching for the stars” then you will fully understand the depth of my excitement after receiving a special phone call recently.

I have a friend that is in radio and she said she used to correspond with one of the greatest names in radio history. She gave me the email address and with a great deal of skepticism I sent an email. Thinking that it had about as much of a chance as Rod Blagojevich in court.

Now…fast forward about 3 or 4 weeks. I had completely forgotten and dismissed the email when my cell phone rings. I see that it is a west coast number that I don’t recognize so I answer…hello? Then I hear…”Eric, this is Casey Kasem.”


SMASH! (that was me falling down)

It was! There was NO mistaking that voice. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Even though he said he didn’t do these things anymore I was completely honored that I got to speak to someone I listened to religiously growing up. AT 40 back in the day was awesome. I remember me and my best friend James recording it on cassette each week to listen to all the top 40 songs and track their success! It was my own personal LONG DISTANCE DEDICATION and I loved it. How gracious it was for him to call me to tell me he couldn’t do the interview. I wasn’t even disappointed since he took the time to phone me.

He is as classy as they come. I have a new found respect for him. But wait! Now I want him on the show even more! LOLOL Oh well. Long live Casey!

Listen to this clip from Casey’s last show.



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