JOHN HUGHES: The voice of a generation

John Hughes was a legend for anyone who was a tween or a teen in the 80’s. I grew up with his coming of age movies. Who couldn’t find SOMEONE in one of his movies that you could identify with. He was either a writer, producer or a director for literally ALL movies that explored the hormone-driven, angst-ridden amusement park ride called adolescence. I remember once saying…this John Hughes guy is like 15 years older than me but he just GETS IT. How did he do it. He was a guy in his mid 30’s writing movies for teenagers!! I actually think that “The Breakfast Club” was a piece of movie magic. To capture the cross-section of teenaged stew and splatter it on the screen mixed with a soundtrack that rivals ALL soundtracks is something rarely seen before or since. It was Hughes who gave us The Brat Pack…. he gave us National Lampoon’s Vacation, Ferris Bueller, Molly Ringwald, “Ducky”, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy and the list goes on. He was brilliant and I was…and will always be…a true fan. Ya know its really sobering to watch as the icons of my 80’s adolesence leave us one by one. Just when I thought I was realizing that MJ was actually gone…now I have this to deal with.
I think we should all go to our old VHS stack and blow the dust off of “The Breakfast Club” and relive what is THE movie for the 80’s teenager. We all KNEW someone in that movie whether it was ourselves or someone in high school…we knew them.
Now go watch….remember…reflect… and have a glass of wine (its ok…you’re legal now. LOL)

John Hughes was a master. We were lucky to have his vision brought into our crazy, confusing teenage lives.

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