TIPPI HEDREN: The Birds, Troubles with Hitchcock



She was one of Hitchcock’s most famous blondes. Tippi Hedren was the classic beauty we loved in Hitch’s “The Birds” (1963). Tippi plays a wealthy San Francisco playgirl follows a potential boyfriend to a small Northern California town where birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people. You know the plot. I remember this one as one of the first horror movies I ever saw. Of course I saw the edited for television version as a kid but it really struck a chord with me. Scary.

Tippi pretty much owes her acting career to Alfred Hitchcock who saw her on a commercial while watching the Today show in 1962 and signed her to star in his next film. In the commercial for a diet drink, she is seen walking down a street and a man whistles at her slim, attractive figure, and she turns her head with an acknowledging smile. In the opening scene of The Birds (1963), the same thing happens as she walks toward the bird shop. This was an inside joke by Hitchcock.
Rumours had it that Hitch tried to have a relationship with her during the filming of The Birds…it didn’t work.
She starred in the title role of the Hitchcock film Marnie the following year but the movie was a flop and ended the working relationship between her and Hitchcock.
Over the years she has won numerous awards for her work in animal rights and is president of a group she started called “The Roar Foundation”.
We are very excited to have interviewed a star of this caliber and class. She is one of a kind….make sure you listen to Tippi unplugged. 🙂