It was one of my favorite shows of all time. Quantum Leap is a sci fi fanatics dream series. It still pulls in thousands at conventions every year. In fact the latest convention is the 20th anniversary celebration of Sam and Al’s time travels. CLICK HERE to check out the website. Quantum Leap is still one of the most innovative shows of the 1980’s. Donald Bellisario came up with the idea and threw it in front of legendary television executive Brandon Tartikoff in the late 80’s. He explained the theory of a scientist who could use quantum physics to bend the laws of time and jump into the body of someone in the past to help them through a rough situation….to which Tartikoff said, “Explain this again as if you are talking to your 80-year-old grandmother!” After going into detail about the idea, Tartikoff loved it, saying that “you can never run out of scenarios”.
Thus the story of Dr. Sam Beckett and his time traveling hologram pal Al was born.
It is one for the ages…if you think this show doesn’t have legs, think again. When we interviewed Co-Executive Producer Deborah Pratt this past weekend we had the most listeners in our “LIVE CHAT ROOM” during the show’s taping than ever before!
In fact check out these two You Tube videos that show Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell at a past Leap Back convention.

And don’t forget to go to the Leap Back 2009 website to see whats up for this year’s festival. Lots of fun!!!
In the meantime, leap back to our show taped on Sunday and hear Deborah’s facinating interview. Not only was she a co-executive producer but she was also a writer AND the voice of Ziggy the computer that helped Sam figure out what he was supposed to do during his stay in year X.