West Side Story: Behind the scenes

West Side Story. If you’re going to have a classic film festival you gotta show West Side Story. This Wednesday the 18th we will be broadcasting LIVE from The Carolina Theatre in Greensboro, NC for their classic film series. The movie starts at 7:30 but we will be on with Lana Wood (Natalie’s sister) from 7-7:30.
This is a monthly occurrence for us and one that we have grown to love. Folks get there 30 minutes early to listen to our show before the movie starts. Last time it was a Hitchcock film series and we had a Hitchcock author and Hitchcock’s granddaughter as the guests. Movie goers were bringing me slips of paper with questions they wanted answered on them. It was a blast!!!
This go around we will be chatting about all things West Side and all things Natalie!!!

Lana was our FIRST guest on WIKT and has agreed to grace us with her presence again!! We love Lana. If you aren’t familiar with her work then check out Diamonds Are Forever. She was “Plenty O’Toole” the Bond girl to Sean Connery in that flick!

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