Interview with Alfred Hitchcock’s Granddaughter



We are pumped over our last show! A first for the geeks here at “Wait, I Know This!” as we were broadcasting LIVE from an historic theatre during their classic film series on Alfred Hitchcock.
The movie of the night was “Strangers On A Train” and how cool was it that while we went about our business of interviewing Alfred Hitchcock’s granddaughter (I know. Too cool. Her name is Tere Carrubba and there’s more on that coming up) the audio was being pumped into the theatre for the audience to hear while waiting for the movie to begin.
The tech heads at the theatre also had our live chat room being displayed on a 40-foot screen in the 81-year-old theatre.
You have to listen to the show on the blue player to the right. We found out some pretty cool stuff about Hitch’s innovative techniques as well as his personal life as told through the eyes of his granddaughter.
In fact… did you know that Hitch had a phobia of police officers? Listen to the show for more.
It was truly one of the best shows yet. People in the theatre were handing me questions to ask our guests while listening to the show.
And by the way, check out author Jeff Kraft’s book Footsteps In The Fog ( It is incredible. You will hear from Jeff himself in the interview…