The "Wait, I Know This!" Trivia Contest: WIN PRIZES!


We had a blast Sunday night for our first Trivia Game Show!! Maila and I would like to thank everyone who joined the room. Including the President and CEO of Dave Nelson who stopped by.
I’ve gotta say that the response for our show was awesome and the trivia competition got heated. Our two winners who went to the final round were Greg Perkins and a guy who is always in our show every Sunday night….he logs in under the user name “Teacher Monkey”.
If you think you are a trivia master listen to these guys! They were knocking it out of the park! We almost had to go to our tiebreaker question.
Listen to the episode and see how many questions you get right! We will do this occasionally so keep checking this website for updates.

Be sure to join us as I play the role of Bob Barker and host my own game show (a lifelong dream of mine) …but my suits will look better than Gene Rayburn’s on Match Game in the 70’s!

See ya then.


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