Paul Peterson (The Donna Reed Show/Mickey Mouse Club)



Paul Peterson. A phenomenal interview.
What can I say about Paul Peterson. He was one of the most engaging, forthright and entertaining interviews we have done. This one is a must listen!
From meeting Walt Disney and being one of the first few Mouskateers to becoming the star of a number one ranked television show and having a top 10 hit on the Billboard charts, Paul Peterson has done and seen it all.
In addition, he has written several books that tell the story of child actors in the early days and the abuse they endured. He created an organization called “A Minor Consideration” that brings their plight to light.
Paul played Jeff Stone, son of Dr. Alex and Donna Stone on The Donna Reed Show in the late 50’s and early 60’s. The Reed Show was only on for 8 seasons but was a ratings hit for the then young ABC television network.
Although very similar to other sitcoms of the day, The Donna Reed Show was also different. Consider the fact that Donna WORKED! Gasp…what is this world coming to.
She was a nurse on the show. But with a cast like Carl Betz, Paul Peterson and Shelley Farbares it was destined for success.
Listen to our interview with Paul and hear how he launched a singing career and ended up with a hit record. “My Dad” went to #6 for Paul while Shelley’s hit “Johnny Angel” made for two teen idols on the same show!!
Paul touches on all this and more in our 30 minute interview. He is fascinating and talented and the backstage trivia he gives us is well worth the “Wait, I Know This” seal of approval. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts. We will most definitely have Paul back later to talk more about his work with child actor rights.
Click here to Paul’s Website Click Here to buy the Donna Reed Show’s 50th anniversary DVD box set.