Nanooooo, Nanooooooo!

September 14th 1978. Earth is visited by a strange alien with powers that rival those of the Fonz and the quickest wit in the galaxy. Robin Williams and Pam Dawber soared in the ratings as the unusual couple of Mork from Ork and his best friend Mindy McConnell. Of course, we all wondered if there would ever be sparks between the two. Was Mork falling for the beautiful girl next door? I know the rest of us were!! LOL.
It was truly one of my favorite shows. I thought Robin Williams was a comic genius. I have read over the years that he was into cocaine during that show but who knows…all I know is that he was at the top of his comedy game in my opinion.
Interesting that Pam Dawber never auditioned with Robin in person. She actually sent a videotape that showed her reacting to a few edited scenes of Robin as Mork on Happy Days. The producers thought she would make the perfect straight-gal role next to the wacky comedy of Robin Williams.
During Robin’s Interview it has been said that when he was asked to sit down he sat on his head in the seat and producer Gary Marshal said, “What can I do, he was the only alien to audition.”
At one point, co-stars Conrad Janis and Elizabeth Kerr temporarily left the show but it was explained from a storyline standpoint that the two left to join the orchestra.
I always loved Tom Poston as the downtrodden neighbor who wrote greeting cards…he was fabulous. Who could forget Johnathan Winters as Mearth! What a great show!
Do you remember this trivia bit? What were folks from Ork direct decedents of? Chickens!!!
The show lasted only four seasons but introduced America to one of its most creative and talented actors in Robin Williams. How sad we all were when in 1982 we discovered that the bumbling alien Mork would leave us and blast off into the galaxy of stars on the big screen.
So, the next time you’re in Boulder Colorado go to Pine Street and gawk at the home used for exterior shots of Mork and Mindy’s house…it is the most visited site in the entire city, I read.

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