Happy Days: A Look Back

I remember those weeknights back in the mid 70’s when I couldn’t wait to see my hero, The Fonz, walk into Arnold’s and utter the sound that sent uproarious laughter up from homes all over the country. Looking back, I’m not sure why every sitcom character in the 70’s and 80’s had to have a catch phrase but they did. And no one did it better than Henry Winkler when he professed his approval with a resounding “Ayyyyyyyyyyyy“.
By the way, you better be tough acting if your name is Henry Winkler. LOL.
Anyway, shows like Happy Days, All In The Family and Dallas were so popular that they were the birthplace of MANY a spin-off. All In The Family spun off Maude and The Jeffersons as well as the sequel Archie Bunker’s Place. Happy Days spun off Mork and Mindy and Laverne and Shirley…not to mention Joanie Loves Cha Chi.
But it was also a birthing room for the future’s stars and nothing cracks me up more than to see today’s superstars in bit parts from the past.
Check out this You Tube video that I love where we see a young Tom Hanks give his best to de-throne The Fonz as the coolest guy around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46oAEdudoDk
OR maybe you’d like to see a youthful David Letterman being even more aloof than his usual self in this rare glimpse of Letterman in his acting days with a small role on Mork And Mindy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFavsfq3wjo

I am forever trying to catch these moments when I watch old shows. I’m the guy who refuses to leave the movie theatre until ALL the credits are over in case I see someone in a bit part that I find int resting.

So I hope you enjoy these videos…thank God someone has the time and resources to put these nuggets on You Tube. If you find more of these please forward them to me by commenting here or sending me a message at echilton@waitiknowthis.com.

Happy surfing!!

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