Let me tell you how excited Deidre and I were to have the one and only Robbie Douglas from My Three Sons himself on Wait, I Know This! He was a fabulous guest and let me just say this…the secret backstage trivia that we live for on this show was delivered in full by Don Grady. I am not going to spoil it for you here. You have to click on the player to hear this episode. You won’t believe it. If that’s not enough for you then let me continue with the facts about one of americas most beloved TV family’s ..The Douglas Family.

I was a big fan of My Three Sons back in the day. I actually wanted to name my first dog Tramp…but that’s another story for another day! The show starred Fred Mac Murray and Don Grady, to name a few but on our last show it was Don Grady’s turn to let us in on a little backstage trivia that we live for.
We’ll get to that in due time…first of all lets travel back to September 29th 1960, the release date for the long running hit.
Little did america know that it would be watching a show that would be known for some unusual trivia facts.
The show was originally to be called The Fred MacMurray Show but MacMurray didn’t like it. (By the way, Eddie Albert of Green Acres fame was considered for the lead role as well). This show seemed to have legs of steel for it went through some things that would’ve killed most shows dead in their tracks. For example, the original grouchy but loveable character of Bub played by William Frawley (Yes, Fred of I Love Lucy fame) was eventually replaced by Uncle Charley (William Demerest) because of Frawley’s declining health. A major character change usually doesn’t help a show at all. Now, throw in the original son “Mike” played by Tim Considine who also left the show quickly and you have several cast changes that would doom most sit-coms. (Considine left after 5 seasons because he wanted to direct more episodes. Writers said Mike married his girlfriend and left town. LOL)
How bout this one…. After 5 seasons the show switched networks and ran for 7 more!!!! It was a heck of a survivor that’s for sure. It ran for 369 episodes or 12 years and was second to only Ozzie and Harriett at the time for the longest running live action comedy in US history.
IMDB has done a heack of a job with some great little known trivia. Check this page out for more. CLICK HERE.

Don is a fabulous musician. He was once in a rock group that soared up the charts in the mid 60’s but he went under a fake name and disguise so people wouldn’t know it was really “Robbie Douglas” in that band. He proved his talents for sure! Please check out his website to hear what he’s up to now. it’s an easy one…